Cheers Beverages inc. introduces brewski

BrewSKI Facebook Header.png

Chattanooga’s heritage soda company Double Cola, has now entered the craft beer arena through Cheers Beverages Inc. The BREWSKI trio is a new line of beer inspired by the natural citrus flavor of SKI, one of Double Cola’s most successful brands.

The new craft beer is being introduced this week with distribution beginning in the Greater Chattanooga area. The line includes BREWSKI Classic Pilsner, BREWSKI All American Pale Ale, and BREWSKI Citrus SKI Infused Ale. Cheers Beverages Inc. President Gina Dhanani said, “One of the great things about BREWSKI is that you don’t have to be a craft beer expert to enjoy it. Whether you like a classic pilsner, a kick of hops in your pale ale, or a crisp citrus flavor, the BREWSKI trio has something to please all beer lovers.”

BREWSKI Beer is now available locally at several independent convenience and grocery stores, including Food City locations. Customers can also find BREWSKI by using the product locator on BREWSKI’s footprint will quickly expand to include additional area retailers followed by product launches throughout Bowling Green, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana areas.  BREWSKI will also be front and center at many regional events taking place over the coming months.

“Autumn is a great time for festivals and charity events throughout our footprint,” said Dhanani. “BREWSKI wants to be a part of these efforts and we’re looking forward to growing our already loyal fan base. We can’t wait for our local fans to try BREWSKI, and we are grateful for the excitement we are receiving from markets that are ready to offer our products to their consumers in the coming days.”