Combating Water Pollution and soil Erosion with Bio-Retention Basins


CHATTANOOGA, TN. Monday, April 22, 2019.

In celebration of Earth Day, The Double Cola Company recently stepped out of the office for the afternoon in order to work with the Chattanooga Water Quality Program in their efforts to clean up Chattanooga bio-retention basins.

Impermeable surfaces (think: asphalt, concrete, brick pavers, etc.) cause many environmental issues including surface water pollution, flooding, soil erosion, stagnant water, and heat island effect.

Bio-retention basins (more commonly known as rain gardens) are placed strategically in cities and contain fast-draining soil and plants that are native to their environment.

Once established, the native plants will perform a number of services related to dealing with the dirty parking lot runoff.

The basins control erosion, soak up excess water, filter out pollutants, host beneficial microbes that filter pollutants, and do not require an irrigation system or annual fertilizer application.


In celebration of Earth Day, The Double Cola Company joined the Water Quality Program in their efforts to clean the bio-retention basins and clear them of competitive and invasive plants, such as dutch white clover.

The Water Quality Program is funded by the water quality fee that City land owners pay once a year.

This fee pays for green infrastructure management, stream restoration projects, educations and outreach to the public, monitoring, inspections, and maintenance to the storm drains and other infrastructure that keeps Chattanooga safe and clean.

To learn more about the Chattanooga Water Quality Program, you can visit: