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As a family-owned company, we value our rich history and our tradition of developing and producing great-tasting products with exceptional quality. We know that our customers value this, as well. This is why we strive to create the best possible experience for each person who enjoys our products. Our customers look to us for something more than the ordinary—something uniquely refreshing. That’s why, for nearly 100 years now, we’ve made it our mission to deliver high quality beverages in the markets we serve while embracing the individuality of our products and consumers. Our success is measured by the success of the distributors with whom we partner.


Our Values



We believe in carefully curating our environment to ensure that both our employees and partners hold the highest level of integrity. We expect integrity from our partners, and, in return, we promise to provide the same level of honesty and hard work.


From the inception of The Double Cola Company, we have valued creating refreshingly different beverages. Today, our celebration of our individuality goes beyond beverages, representing our team, our partners, and our consumers.


Our products are 100% tested 100% of the time. With an in-house chemist, we are able to ensure the quality of our ingredients meet the high standards that we set for all of our products.

Customer Satisfaction

Our success is measured by the success of our customers. We assist our consumers in whatever they may need, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our consumers are completely more than satisfied with our partnership.


As a small company, we value flexibility in our team. Each member is happy to lend a hand, even if the task isn’t specific to his or her job. Going beyond internal operations, we value the ability to innovate products tailored to a fast-paced and ever-changing market.