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Breaking the Ice with The Double Cola Company

It's time for everyone's favorite ice breaker- 2 truths and a lie. The rules are simple, we'll share with you three unique and different statements about our company and our soda brands. All you have to do is figure out which one is the lie. So grab your magnifying glasses and detective hats and play along. Good luck!

Statement #1: SKI was named after a weekend trip on the water.

As the story goes, a Miss Dot Myers came up with the name "SKI" after spending the weekend enjoying a water skiing trip on Lake Chickamauga. She submitted the name in a company wide naming contest for our, at the time, new citrus soda.

Fun Fact: "SKI" was officially registered in May of 1958.

Statement #2: DOUBLE-COLA was named after the high caffeine content.

Double the energy with double the amount of caffeine. Our original cola recipe had double the caffeine of its competitors with the first slogan "DOUBLE-COLA, DOUBLE-Energy". The original recipe was unchanged until 1954 when The Double Cola Company moved into a new manufacturing company located at the foot of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN.

Fun Fact: The amount of caffeine was a sizable 68mg per 12oz.

Statement #3: Chattanooga Blue-Blue with JUMBO

In 1992, the popularity around creme soda started growing so it seemed fitting that our JUMBO line grew too. Thus Jumbo Blue Creme Soda was born, a beverage specifically formulated and colored to take advantage of this current flavor trend while also providing a new product with extra taste not found in a competing item.

Fun Fact: It was sold in 20 ounce glass bottles with Plasti-Shield labels featuring three cows announcing "IT'S BLLLOOOOOOOOO!"


..and the lie is..

*drumroll please*

Statement #2!

DOUBLE-COLA actually got its name from its size, not the caffeine content. At the time of production, DOUBLE-COLA was double the size of it's competitors and actually only has a caffeine content of 36mg. Oh and our recipe wasn't changed in 1954 when we moved manufacturing plants either. DOUBLE-COLA has been just the right balance of sweetness and carbonation since it's creation in 1933.


Interested in more DOUBLE-COLA, SKI, AND JUMBO content? Follow us on our social channels @DrinkDOUBLECOLA, @SKICitrusSoda, and @JUMBOFlavor.


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