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Judo uniform quality is vital to practice. Having a high quality Judo uniform (aka Judo gi or do-gi) is something you don't want to take for granted. What makes a good Judo uniform? A good Judo uniform should be heavyweight, absorbent, and with at least a single level of stitching. A Judo uniform can be used in practice for chokes and locks, and must survive being grasped by training partners and competitors for throws. Quality blue judo gi cannot take a backseat when it comes to Judo uniforms. Having a high quality Judo gi (aka do-gi) is essential to practicing Judo. Having an absorbent, heavy duty heavyweight Judo gi is a vital part of the Japanese martial art Judo: In Judo, the gi can be used for chokes and locks, and must hold up to being grabbed by opponents for throws.



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