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Reasons for Students to Study Abroad in Scotland

The friendliest people

Both during my road trips around the highlands and my everyday life in Glasgow I noticed that Scottish people are exceptionally friendly. Especially Glaswegians are famous for being the most welcoming folk in the UK. Everybody is always up for a friendly chat. According to need homework help experts having worked as a waitress in the heart of Glasgow’s West End I get to talk to many local customers. They’re always friendly, smiling and patient. I also have to say that after Brexit there were some racist incidents happening in England. In Scotland however I never felt unwelcomed as a foreign person. Scotland actually voted against Brexit and they do recognize what immigrants have done for their country and what they can do for them. (link do filmiku).

The adorable accent

Ok, maybe it is not adorable from the first moments you come there. I have to admit that I struggled at the beginning. But once your ears get a little used to the sound of it you come to love it. According to study daddy don’t be afraid that you won’t understand the classes- the professors tend to be from different parts of the UK or the world, so they usually don’t have a strong accent.

Stunning architecture

Maybe you associate Scotland with rather bad weather and dim, dark cities. It is kind of true, except that the weather is not always awful (it’s actually quite nice a lot of times!) and the architecture is fairy-tale like. With Glasgow having such beauties as the main building of the University and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, it is a charming destination for architecture lovers.

Good place to travel to other places in Europe and beyond

There are two airports in Glasgow and the Edinburgh airport is just an hour away. Each of them has links to over 100 destinations in Europe and beyond. Scotland is a great base for more travels- there are cheap airlines flights to all the main destinations in Europe and the airlines keep opening new links every year.

Lively cultural scene in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Glasgow is known for its lively music and art scene. Scotland’s economy used to be based on heavy industry and Glasgow had to reinvent itself after the collapse of this industry. It has shifted towards the creative arts. It had cheap spaces for artists to create in, the decadent atmosphere and the calmness London can’t offer. Glasgow has many venues (Barrowlands, Trongate 103, the Briggait) hosting art and music events all year round. It’s also the home to Glasgow School of Art. According to studydaddy once you’re there, you know what kind of atmosphere I am talking about. Glasgow just lives and breathes art, you just have to know where to look for it.

P.S. Are you worried about the bad reputation Glasgow and other Scottish cities have? No need. I’ve lived there long enough, and even in the so called “dangerous” parts and you’re as safe as in any other big city. As a student you will probably move around the city centre or West End and those are really friendly and absolutely safe areas.

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