double cola company’s ceo and coo chair starnight 2019


Alnoor and Gina Dhanani, Double Cola Company’s CEO and COO co-chaired Siskin Children’s Institute StarNight gala on August 24, 2019. StarNight is Siskin Children’s largest fundraising event. All proceeds of this premier black-tie event benefit the children and families served by the Institute.

Siskin Children’s Institute holds a special place in the hearts of Alnoor and Gina. Said Ms. Dhanani, “Siskin Children’s Institute is such a special place for families in our community and we know that first hand as our daughter attended the early learning center for several years. We saw the love and friendship that blossomed with all the children in that inclusive environment and are grateful she was able to experience that at such an early age. We couldn’t be happier to support the great work of Siskin Children’s Institute and all they are doing for children with special needs.”

This successful event was held at the Chattanooga Convention Center and welcomed nearly 1,500 people for a night of music, dancing, and fun. To learn more about Siskin Children’s Institute and how they help children reach their full potential, visit their website at