Cheers Beverages Inc. Launches

Subsidiary of The Double Cola Company Focuses on Innovative Drinks for Diverse Consumer Tastes


 Chattanooga, Tenn. (July 22, 2019)- - -With a focus on becoming a full beverage company, Cheers Beverages Inc. has launched in Chattanooga to offer a variety of beverage options to an ever-changing demographic. The company that started as Double Cola in 1933 has now amassed an offering of beverages that includes Double-Cola, SKI, Jumbo fruit flavors line, Chaser, Double Dry Ginger Ale, Quad Energy Drink, and Miñoku Coconut Water. Cheers Beverages allows the team to focus outside the carbonated soft drink market in products such as craft beer and hard seltzers.

Double Cola Chief Operating Officer Gina Dhanani said, “Our company has always been intentional in meeting the tastes of discerning customers. Whether our customer is a heritage drinker picking up a Double Cola or a newer consumer looking for an energy boost, our company has been prepared to meet those needs. Today, we’re growing our offerings through Cheers Beverages. This will allow us to develop everything from beer to hard seltzers.”

She added, “While our innovations prepare our companies for the future, the consistency from the beginning of our history remains intact. It is what guides us to provide the best possible options for all of our customers and we couldn’t be more pleased about the potential for growth.”

While Cheers Beverages will be headquartered in Chattanooga, it plans distribution across eight states in the mid-west to southeast. “We have extremely loyal followers in this footprint,” said Dhanani. “We’re looking forward to adding to our customer base through these new offerings and will continue to offer drinks that will appeal to present and future consumers. With so many changes in the industry, we’re honored to have loyal support since 1933. This is something that we don’t take lightly and we’re looking forward to what the future holds.”