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Our Team

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Alnoor Dhanani

Chief Executive Officer

Alnoor, who spent his formative years in Africa, Asia, and Europe, brought an international flair to the company when his family acquired it in 1981. Although Alnoor enjoys maintaining international relations through frequent travel, he is always happy to return to his Chattanooga home to spend quality time with his family. Even after almost 40 years as head honcho, he still has a passion for the business and looks forward to coming to work each day!

Gina Dhanani

Chief Operating Officer

In addition to serving as the COO, Gina is the Chief Marketing Officer. She has been with Double Cola for over 15 years, and relies on her position to support her chronic habit of non-profit servitude. In her spare time, Gina loves spending time with her family, maintaining an active lifestyle and giving back to the community.

Jamie Headshot.jpg


Operations Manager

Jamie has been with The Double Cola Company for over 13 years.  She is a master in Customer Care and she is a true shipping ninja for all of your orders.  Jamie wears many other hats too:  accounting, procurement, production....all with a smile!  When she's not working she enjoys spending time with her family and trying to answer the age-old question:   Toilet paper...over or under?

Katrina farmer

Brand Marketing Manager

Katrina is a Miami, FL native who relocated to Chattanooga in 2016 to pursue her master’s in business administration at UTC. Katrina isn’t just a marketing leader, she’s also an energetic admirer of all things business. When she isn’t using her innovative problem-solving techniques to conjure up and execute creative marketing strategies, she can be found enjoying the company of her husband, William, and their several animal children. Katrina is a beer enthusiast with a passion for art, dance, and urban exploration.


Emily McCommon


Quality is of utmost importance here at Double Cola, so we're constantly testing everything from ingredients to finished products in cans and bottles. Emily is the lucky one who tests the products. Her favorite part -- the taste sampling. When not in the lab, Emily enjoys all things outdoors, whether it be hiking, bouldering, or playing soccer with her little sister.

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