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Refreshingly Different

Same formula since 1933        Small-Batch Tested        All natural cola  

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Our History Tells a Story

The Double Cola recipe was perfected in 1933, and hasn’t changed since then. Named after its size, Double Cola was originally sold in 12-ounce bottles, which was twice the size of other sodas sold at the time. Double Cola is sold at Cracker Barrel, nationwide. The rings on the design of the new can stand to symbolize Double Cola’s perfect balance of both carbonation and sweetness.

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Experience the balanced flavor of natural ingredients, sweetness, and carbonation.

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“Double-Cola transforms a break into a mini vacation for your taste buds. Uniquely wonderful! Dazzlingly (is that even a word?)  🙂  Different!”


“Double Cola has

been by my side for the best memories!” 
– Ray V

“Double Cola got me started a few decades ago and it just seems to get better and better.”  

– Scott W

“Double Cola,

because anything else is only half as good.”  
– Jeremy H

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