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Are Your Products Gluten-Free?

Yes, Double Cola Company product are gluten-free.

Where Are Your Products Produced?

Our products are produced all over the world. We have bottling facilities in several locations across the United States.


What Is A Production Code And Where Can I Find It?

The production code tells you when and where each product was produced. Your local bottler determines the way each production code is printed. Most bottlers use a Julian code. The production code is typically located on the neck of bottles and the bottom of cans. Cartons also display the production code on one of the ends. If you need help reading the code, just email us at with the code and we’ll help you figure it out.

Does SKI Really Contain Real Fruit?

It does—and we can prove it. Next time you drink a Ski, take a close look inside -- sometimes you are able to see small lemon and orange pulp floating in our bottles.

How Much Caffeine Is In Your Products?

The caffeine level differs from product to product. You can view the caffeine amounts, and all other nutritional information, by visiting our individual soda pages under the “BRANDS” tab.

What Sweetener Do You Use In Your Products?

Most of our products are produced with High Fructose Corn Syrup. However, our nostalgic packages—such as the ones found nationwide—are sweetened the old-fashioned way, with pure cane sugar. You can view the labels . Our Diet Ski and Caffeine-Free Diet Ski contain a blend of sucralose and ace-k.



Where Can I Buy Your Products?

To find out where you can get our products in your area, checkout our soda locator. Double-Cola is also sold nationwide at Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. Don’t be discouraged if our products are not yet in your area. We’re always seeking new distributors, and hope to be in your area in the near future. We encourage you to request our products in stores that do not offer our products. In the meantime, you can always order our products at our online store or by calling us at 877-DBL-COLA.

The Store Where I Live Doesn't Sell Your Products. How Can I Get It To Carry Them?

The best way is to ask for them. Retailers stock products based on demand, so the best way to get Double Cola Company products in a store near you is to request them, and tell your friends to do the same. You can help us out by completing our product request form.

Can I Buy Your Products Online?

Most of our products, as well as merchandise, can be purchased through our online store.

I Have A Military Address. Can I Have Your Products Shipped To Me?

Yes! As long as your APO address is within the United States, we can ship to you. Unfortunately, we cannot ship internationally at this time.

I Don't Have A Credit Or Debit Card. Can I Still Make A Purchase?

Yes, you can. We accept checks and money orders. No cash, please. All you need to do is have the item number(s) of the item(s) you’d like to purchase and call us at 877-DBL-COLA.

How Soon Will I Get My Order?

Please allow up to 10 business days to receive in-stock items. If you ordered an item that is on back order, we’ll notify you with current shipping times.

I Need To Return Or Exchange Something. How Can I Do That?

We know that things don’t always work out perfectly, so if you need to return or exchange an item you have purchased, just call us at 877-DBL-COLA or email



How Can I Get Coupons?

We always have contests and giveaways going on! Find us on Facebook at:

Who Should I Contact About Sponsorships & Donations?

If you’re interested in being sponsored by the Double Cola Company, or if you’d like to inquire about a donation, please fill out this form.


I Want To Distribute Your Products. What Do I Need To Do?

We would love to be able to expand and grow with you. Please head to our distributor page and tell us more about yourself so we can get the process started. 

I Want To Carry Your Products In My Store. How Can I Make That Happen?

All you need to do is send your information to or call us at 877-DBL-COLA and we’ll put you in contact with our local distributor.

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