Citrus Soda

Our History

SKI Citrus Soda has had the same authentic recipe since 1956. This lemon orange flavored soda is uniquely refreshing to similar sodas because it has a jolt of caffeine and real fruit ingredients for the ultimate satisfaction of our consumers.

When SKI was first created, the company asked the employees to come up with the name. After a weekend-long ski trip on the Chickamauga Lake, a previous employee by the name of Dot Myers had come up with the name 'SKI'. Everyone loved it, and SKI was born.

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Citrus Soda

SKI is a fan favorite due to its light and refreshing taste. With an extra jolt of caffeine, SKI will make sure your day is just as great as its flavor. 

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Our Diet SKI is just as delicious as the regular SKI, without any of the guilt. The same lemon and orange flavor, but zero sugar and zero calories.

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Diet Caffeine Free

Get all of the deliciousness of a SKI without any of the calories or caffeine. Diet Caffeine Free SKI leaves the caffeine and the guilt behind.

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Cherry SKI is what every great citrus soda should be. This recipe is a satisfying one that has been perfected and quietly handed down for years.



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With Tropical Ski, every sip will take you to paradise. The refreshing mixture of pineapple and mango flavors will bring the vacation to you. 

For A Limited Time

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Orange Cream

Orange cream popsicles; a childhood favorite now in the form of a refreshing beverage and combined with your favorite soda. Orange Cream SKI is a summer treat you will surely melt for.