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Original SKI

The one and only! SKI provides the perfect lemon-orange flavor with every sip. Since it’s inception, The Double Cola Company has refused to sacrifice the flavoring of SKI. Made with real orange and real lemon, the process of producing SKI is tedious. Fine nets are utilized in the beginning of production to filter out a majority of the pulp from the citrus juice. Batches of SKI are constantly kept moving to prevent a settling of the pulp that is small enough to slip through the filters.

A fan favorite, many say that SKI stands out from the crowd due to its light and refreshing taste. With an extra jolt of caffeine, SKI is the beverage people turn to when they need to make their day an exceptional one. SKI contains all-natural flavoring of just lemons and oranges, and its small list of ingredients makes the drink impossible to resist.

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