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DIY Gifts for the DOUBLE COLA & SKI Citrus Soda Fans in Your Life

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

The holidays are approaching

And quickly at that.

No need to panic

Sip back and relax.

Eco-friendly, sustainable

Thoughtful and clever...

The soda drinkers in your life

Will be more delighted than ever!

SKI Citrus Soda is available

And DOUBLE COLA is still made

For flavors as unique

Shall not easily fade.

Read on and use the Soda Locator

To find supplies nearest you.

And craft a heartfelt, present

Like Cindy Lou Who would do.

SKI & DOUBLE-COLA Glass Bottle Candles

This first DIY doubles as the perfect gift for candle lovers and retro décor pieces, plus it requires an empty bottle of either SKI or DOUBLE-COLA which means you get to drink the soda beforehand. It's a win-win! Oh, and it's super simple to make, a win-win-win!


Supplies you will need:

  • Empty glass bottle of either SKI or DOUBLE-COLA

  • Tape

  • Steel wheel glass cutter

  • Medium sized pot

  • Water

  • Sandpaper

  • Hot glue gun

  • Wick

  • Medium sized glass bowl

  • Wax melts- any color & any scent

*Use our Soda Locator to find SKI & DOUBLE COLA supplies near you.


Cutting the glass:

  1. Rinse and dry the SKI or DOUBLE-COLA glass bottle. Place tape around the bottle at the desired cut point. We recommend making the cut line about an inch above the SKI or DOUBLE-COLA logo.

  2. Using a steel wheel glass cutter, etch out a cut line above the tape. Continue running the glass cutter over the line until a clear line is formed.

  3. Fill a medium-sized pot with water and let boil. Remove from heat. While holding the glass bottle upside down, submerge the top of the bottle into the water, making sure the cut line is fully submerged in the water. Hold for 20 seconds.

  4. Place the bottle under running cold water, making sure to rotate the bottle to follow the cut line. Do this until the top of the bottle breaks off.

  5. Carefully dry the top of the glass. Using sandpaper, sand out the edge of the bottle.

Making the candle:

  1. Hot glue the bottom of the wick in the center of the bottom of the now cut DOUBLE COLA or SKI Soda glass bottle.

  2. Set up a double boiler. To do this, add water to the medium-sized pot and place it on heat. Place a medium-sized bowl on top of the pot. Break wax melt into pieces and place in the bowl. Wait for the wax to melt.

  3. Carefully pour melted wax into the glass bottle of choice.

  4. Let sit for 24 hours to allow for the wax to fully harden before gifting and 48 hours before actually lighting the candle. Cut the wick to the desired length.

And there it is! Your very own DIY SKI Soda & DOUBLE-COLA Glass Bottle Candles.

SKI & DOUBLE COLA Bottle Cap Wreath

If you thought getting to drink one bottle of SKI or DOUBLE-COLA was fun, wait until you make these bottle cap wreath ornaments! This next DIY requires the bottle caps off of 7-8 bottles (per ornament) and since SKI and DOUBLE-COLA are too good of drinks to waste, you'll be stuck drinking at least 8 bottles of it. Bad news right?!


Supplies you will need:

  • SKI or DOUBLE-COLA Bottle Caps (at least 7-8)

  • Hot-Glue Gun

  • Ribbon

*Use our Soda Locator to find SKI Citrus Soda & DOUBLE COLA supplies near you. Please, craft responsibly.


Creating these neat little wreath ornaments might be the easiest thing you've done all year! Simply place the bottle caps in a circle and using a hot glue gun, glue the edges together. Once the glue is dry and the circle is made, use ribbon to create a bow to be placed on the bottom or top of the wreath. Hot glue the bow in place. Then cut a small length of ribbon and loop at the top of the wreath and tie off creating a circle to be able to hang up the ornament.

Bonus Wreath

Have someone on your shopping list who loves both SKI and DOUBLE-COLA, create a combined bottle cap wreath by using 4 SKI bottlecaps and 4 DOUBLE-COLA bottlecaps!


Don't have time to DIY your gifts this year? Check out our online store to find all kinds of awesome SKI and DOUBLE-COLA merch. We have everything from apparel to accessories and even plenty of items that make great stocking stuffers. Our deadline for guaranteed Christmas delivery is Monday, December 13th! Happy Holidays!


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