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100 Years of History

We couldn't have gotten here without y'all. Truly, our products have brought together some amazing people over the years and we know you have some stories to tell. We want to hear from the experts, the neigh-sayers turned believers, and the curious. We want to hear about your first sip, you peer pressuring your buds, to your grandpa's obsession. We want to hear about how your favorite Double Cola Company brands have played a part in your day-to-day lives, from the good times and bad times (especially the funny times), and everything in-between.


We have seen product lines and flavors come and go, but the one thing that has remained constant is our dedicated consumers, our fans, our family some could say. We could not be more excited spend another 100 creating memories with all of you.

Here's to many (many) years to come. 


Tell us your Story

Seriously, tell us a story, any story involving one of our celebrated brands (past or present); we want to hear about it! Got a photo or video? Share that too and you could be featured as part of our 100 year anniversary celebration!

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