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Fan Stories: More than Just a Soda

We are more than just a company of one-of-a-kind sodas. Our beverage line has become a special part of our fans' everyday lives. From celebrating the special moments to being a part of your fondest memories, products of The Double Cola Company have been there. Over the years, we have received numerous stories from fans on how our products have impacted their lives. From childhood memories to more recent recollections, we have seen that our products have impacted the lives of people all over the nation. The following are stories we have received over the years. If you would like to submit your story, please reach out to us on social media – we would love to hear!

Jimmy and Jay Webb reached out to us on Facebook, stating that they are the great nephews of the late Double Cola Company founder, Charles Little (1888-1978). They share their childhood stories on growing up the Double Cola way. “Uncle Charlie was my great uncle,” Facebook fan Jimmy Webb states. “My grandfather, father, and uncle had the bottling company in Forsyth, GA so I grew up with Double Cola in the glass bottles. I used to ride with my dad on the truck when he made deliveries.” Jay Webb also reflects on his memories growing up: “My dad would tell me stories of him going to his house on Lookout Mountain and Uncle Charlie taking him in the Double Cola Factory. Uncle Charlie only lived a short distance from the Incline Railway and would take it down the mountain and walk to his office when it snowed there. He passed away when I was 4, so I don’t really remember him, but my dad has a lot of stories about him,” Jay explains. “My dad lives in Forsyth, GA and that’s where he lived as a kid. When Uncle Charlie and Aunt Mae went to their house in Florida, they would stop by Forsyth to visit my dad and my grandparents. The limo driver would take my dad to the store in the limo to get Double-Cola. My dad thought he was hot stuff being in a limo and the driver would open and close his door for him.” Thank you, Jimmy and Jay, for sharing - we’d love to hear more of your dad’s stories!

We receive many stories about how our products have been in our fan’s lives as far back as they can remember. Below we’ve collected a few of our favorite Double-Cola and SKI memories from childhood.

“I was introduced to Double Cola as a kid in the 70’s. My dad would get the 8pk cartons of glass bottles. We would sit on the porch enjoying ice cold Double’s. Dad would always say “Double Measure, Double Pleasure, Double Cola.” – Holly Rose, Facebook

“When I was growing up, to get a soft drink was special. I would ride over to the store with grandpa in the wagon and he would always tell me get yourself a cool drink. I would reach in the cooler box and get me a big ole bottle of Double Cola, a treat I miss to this day!” – Donald Glenn Reynold, Facebook

“I’ve grown up with SKI. My favorite childhood field trip was walking to the Greensburg Bottling Company and getting a glass bottle SKI with side of Fritos. It’s been 40 years of loving SKI for me, and the unique citrus flavors of orange and lemon keep me addicted. I say addicted in a good way because this girl can’t go without her favorite soda. I share my love as often as I can too. I brought my international English college class canned SKIs to enjoy, and my 7-year-old daughter now loves “momma’s drink” as much as me. One can’t go wrong with a tasty SKI!” – Faun Crenshaw, Facebook



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