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Happy 65th Birthday SKI!

For many, reaching 65 years means retirement, collecting social security, and entering the rite of passage that is joining your local BINGO group. For us at The Double Cola Company, we have other plans. Our renowned and refreshingly different citrus soda, SKI, celebrates it’s 65th birthday on August 10th, 2021. While SKI could simply hang up the towel and register for Medicare, we figured our many fans wouldn’t like that, and neither would we.

If you don’t follow SKI Citrus Soda on social media then 1. You absolutely should and 2. You might not know that we are as active ever. We are launching LTO SKI flavors yearly, executing product and merch giveaways, and passionately posting SKI memes. The best part is we are advertising and bragging on a product whose recipe has never changed. Like ever.

In the time that SKI has been around, we have seen astronauts take a stroll

on the moon, witnessed Martin Luther King Jr. give his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and met a talking electronic assistant for your home better known as Alexa. These events and many others have shaped the world we know today and our famous SKI Citrus Soda has been chilling in the fridge, unchanged, for it all.

Despite the uncertainties of the future, you can and always will be able to find familiarity in the never-changing formula of SKI. 65 years of being refreshingly different and we don’t plan on changing. Cheers to another 65 years of SKI Citrus Soda!


Follow us @SKICitrusSoda on all platforms to be in the know about birthday merch and special announcements we have coming up...


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