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Small Business Award

We are thrilled to announce The Double Cola Company has been awarded Small Business of the Year for 2021, presented by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce. We want to give a special thanks to all our wonderful partners who supported us every step of the way and to recognize the other finalists in our category, Chattanooga Floor Care and Lanewood Studio, whom it was an honor to have alongside us in this journey!

Looking into the Crystal Ball for 2022

Cheers to 100!

The Double Cola Company is celebrating a very special birthday this year. That's right, we are turning the big 100 and we're inviting all of our awesome fans and our community as a whole to join us in celebrating this centennial occasion. Keep an eye out for exciting celebrations to come later this year!

New Products

At Double Cola, we're always coming up with new ideas to create unique, high quality beverages that embrace the individuality of our consumers. Whether they're limited time offerings (LTO) or here to stay, we're always excited when we launch new flavors for our fans and this year is no different. We have exciting things coming and can't wait to share them with you. We recently launched our first LTO over at BREWSKI Beers, The Double Cola Company's newest brand, with plans to launch two other BREWSKI flavors this year! Shifting away from soft drinks and beers that contain them, we are also working on a new product line of artisan spring water hailing from a sprawling piece of land neighboring the beautiful Mark Twain National Forest.

Products of the Past

Because we wouldn't be where we are today without all the products of our past, we thought it'd be fun to highlight a few of our drinks that proved to be worthy stepping stones for our current and upcoming quality beverages.

Double Dry – Our one and only ginger ale drink launched in 1934.

Double-Orange, Double-Grape, Double-Lemon – A "double" take on our original JUMBO flavors that started it all.

Diet Way – Launched in 1962 as a diet version of our celebrated cola.

JUMBO-Fruit Punch, JUMBO-Root Beer, JUMBO-Blue Creme Soda – Great flavors, proof of our continued passion to extend our quality beverage flavors.

Caffeine Free SKI – Launched in 2001, this drink featured the same full throttle taste of SKI but without the jolt of caffeine.

Quad Energy – Five different flavors of energy boosting drinks launched in 2012.

MINŌKU – Coconut water ethically sourced in Thailand also launched in 2012.

BREWSKI – Original launch of BREWSKI composed of 3 beers; a SKI infused ale, an All American Pale Ale, and a Classic Pilsner launched in 2018.

International Business

Did you know The Double Cola Company has business overseas? Here is a peek into some of our international brands.

Oranta- Our bold, refreshing citrus soda, that is bursting with all-natural orange flavor.

Chaser- A light, refreshing lemon-lime soda with the perfect balance of crispness and sweetness.


We are honored to have won the Small Business Award for this year and can not wait to continue creating and sharing unique and delicious beverages with you for years to come.



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Unknown member
Aug 26, 2022

Congratulation to you all on this great achievement. I love double cola and I drink it almost daily. My favorite drink is Oranta because I love oranges.Now it's time to avail locksmith watford for more information.

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