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Which Soda Are You?

Because we know that you're dying to know which of The Double Cola Company soda brands you are...

*cue game show announcer voice*

"It's time to play Which Soda Are You?"

The rules of the game (or quiz) are pretty simple. We'll ask you a bunch of totally legitimate questions to get to know you and then we'll tell you which of our soda brands you are; just keep track of the letters (A, B, or C) that correspond to your answers.

Alright let's do this!

1. What's your go to drink of choice (other than DOUBLE-COLA & SKI & JUMBO of course)?

A. Sweet Tea

B. Iced Coffee

C. Fruit Smoothie

2. What's your favorite social media platform?

A. Facebook

B. Instagram

C. Snapchat

3. What's your favorite activity to do on the weekends?

A. Cook out with family

B. Go to a football game

C. Listen to a music concert

4. What's your favorite way to get around?

A. Driving a car

B. Riding a boat

C. Skateboarding

5. Pick a clothing accessory –

A. Watch

B. Baseball Hat

C. Sunglasses

6. What's your spirit animal?

A. Golden retriever

B. Clown fish

C. Parrot

7. What do you have for breakfast in the morning?

A. Bacon and Eggs

B. Soda

C. Cereal

8. What do you snack on at the movies?

A. Popcorn

B. Slushy

C. Candy

9. What's your go to music choice?

A. Rock

B. Country

C. Pop

10. Describe yourself in one word –

A. Laid-back

B. Outgoing

C. Quirky


Mostly A's: You are DOUBLE-COLA. You're a laid back person who loves a good relaxing day, well, any day. Your idea of the perfect day is a nice sunny Saturday spent outside while Uncle Scott pretends like the hockey puck of a burger patty is "just the right amount of cooked." In other words, you really value family time and wouldn't trade it for the world. Just don't forget to crack open a nice cold bottle of DOUBLE-COLA to pass around at your next family gathering. Check out our soda locator to find where you can find more DOUBLE-COLA near you!

Mostly B's: You are SKI Citrus Soda. You're an outgoing individual who loves to spend time with friends. On the weekends, you can be found cheering on your favorite sports team with a citrus soda slushy in hand of course! When you're not at the local stadium, you can be found liking dog videos on Instagram or out waterskiing on the lake. Did you know you can purchase SKI on our online store and have it shipped directly you?

Mostly C's: You are JUMBO. You're a quirky, fun person whose always on the go. Staying home is boring and you'd much rather be out with friends seeing the latest band play or hanging out on main street. When you're not busy crowd surfing you can be found using the newest Snapchat filter and keeping your streaks alive. Follow our favorite fruit soda @Jumboflavor on your favorite social channels!


Did you like this quiz? Make sure you check out our previous blog post to play our ice breaker! And of course follow us on our social channels for all the fun DOUBLE-COLA, SKI, and JUMBO content!



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