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Cola Confidential! Behind the Scenes at The Double Cola Company

Here at The Double Cola Company, we believe we make some truly superior products, but we also realize that our people are what really makes the difference. We decided to spend some time with them to see how they make SKI, JUMBO, and DOUBLE COLA that much better.

Emily is our Quality Control Lab Technician. She begins her day with early classes at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, where she is finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry/Biochemistry…after classes she heads to work to apply what she’s learning.

She typically will get samples of our finished product, oils, or concentrates, then work to sort and test them. “To make sure our drinks are top-notch, I check how tangy, fizzy, and sweet they are using a variety of methods and tools.” Sweetness is tested with a refractometer, a device that measures the concentration of dissolved sugars. “Fizziness” is determined by measuring the gas in the bottles using a pressure gauge and a thermometer. An analysis of acidity levels, sugar levels, taste, and aroma make sure the flavor is correct and consistent. Emily says this is all done to “ensure our drinks are as delicious as they always have been.”

If there are no samples waiting for her to test, she dives into research so the lab can remain the sharpest around, making it easier to be accurate and efficient. “It’s a hustle,” she says, “but, hey—it keeps me on my toes!

She gets to team up with the production crew so they can resolve any quality control issues head-on. They work together to uncover areas where the production process can be improved, and by collaborating they can ensure excellent quality for all their beverages.

Emily likes to stay plugged in to beverage trends and advancements in the field of chemistry. She credits her education in opening doors as well as boosting her knowledge. “Through my schooling, I’ve become knowledgeable in the proper use of analytical instruments and their  applications. I’ve also had the chance to attend seminars and connect with the scientific community, peers, and professors.” She uses her contacts to access a wider variety of resources, collaborate, ask questions, and get early updates on current research.

She enjoys Double Cola Company products and that drew her to test them for a living. SKI is an all-time favorite for Emily. “Tasting SKI for a living and having access to the office’s supply of SKI sounded like a pretty good deal!”   

Clearly, this lady loves chemistry, and she loves great-tasting soft drinks…although it’s hard to figure out which comes first. “My favorite part of the job is when I get to dive into the theory behind the analytical methods that I use every day as I love being given the opportunity to read and learn more about chemistry. In addition, I get great satisfaction from knowing that our partners and consumers receive only the highest quality beverages.”

Next time you pop open a can of SKI or DOUBLE COLA, think of Emily for a moment…she’s the one making sure your favorite soda exceeds expectations.



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