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Tailgating Menu and Games

Fall is here and with it comes the changing of the leaves, cooler weather, and of course football! Tailgating is an absolute must for football fans and since we can't go to the stadiums and support our teams, we want to share with you how we are tailgating from home this season.


Jamie Kemp, Operations Manager and DIY extraordinaire, builds an ultimate Snackadium for her tailgate!

She packs it with snacks like carrots, celery, pretzels, chips and dip. Building your "stadium" is some quality bonding time before the game and puts those 12-pack cartons to good use!

Instructions for the Snackadium can be found here.

Wesley Steele, Sales Manager and grill master, believes the classic menu of burgers and dogs make the day. While everyone waits for the grill to be fired up, he suggests this rotel dip to be made for an appetizer that will score big points with your guests.

Lydia Miller, Digital Team Lead and resident foodie, declares jalapeno poppers as the go-to dish for tailgating. Try this recipe for some awesome, home-made poppers!


Jamie loves a good craft and competition and this party game is the perfect combo! Follow these directions and find out who has the best aim and arm among your guests.

If you aren't so into DIY, Lydia suggests tabletop football as a simple and nostalgic game for any tailgating party. All you need is a piece of paper and a table and you are ready to go! In case you need a reminder, here's the instructions for folding your ball.

If you want a little more variety to your game day, like Wesley does then ladderball is a must play! This is a more relaxed game to enjoy and fun for the whole family.

You can buy this set here.

No matter where you are, tailgating is one of the highlights of the football season and we are happy to be able to share our ideas with all of you! If you make these recipes or play these games, be sure you snag a photo and tag us on social so we can share in the fun with you!

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