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Staycation Ideas

Summer is finally here and we are SO excited! As children, we could look forward to these precious months filled with family vacations, hanging out with friends, and most importantly, no school! Although this year may be slightly different from our nostalgic childhood summers, there are plenty of ways to make a ‘staycation’ just as enjoyable as a destination vacation! Check out these ‘staycation’ tips our office suggests, below:

Setup Your Own Beach Retreat

Lay out in the sun and soak up some rays while you listen to soothing beach sounds like this mix online. Make sure to apply your sunscreen so that you don’t get burned and stay hydrated with your ice-cold Double Cola, too!

Enjoy The Outdoors

Walking or hiking a nature trail, riding your bike, and camping out are some of our team’s go-to activities for a staycation. You can find the park closest to you at this link and get the family out and about in Mother Nature.

Enjoy A Good Meal

The team was split on this one! Some of us prefer a night out at a restaurant that makes us feel like we are transported to another part of the world. Some of us prefer the rustic feel of using a fire to cook and make s’mores. Whichever side you are on, a dinner well done is a day made!

Go For A Drive

Go for a drive. Taking a drive in the convertible or riding with the windows down is one of those simple summertime treats. Go to the gas station and fill up the tank and grab a Double Cola or SKI to quench your thirst while letting the miles roll by.

Win This!

You read that right. We are giving away the summer essentials to turn your backyard into the best staycation on the block. We are giving you a family sized inflatable pool, two camping chairs, a grill, an outdoor umbrella, and two cases of your favorite soda! For details, follow us on social and make sure you get yourself entered to win.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to plan and enjoy your own staycation. As always, stay connected with us on your favorite social media and share your pics of you enjoying the summer with Double Cola or SKI!


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