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Back to Retro - A Trip Down Memory Lane with SKI

Ever wish you could hop in a time machine and relive some of the best moments of your life? We sure have! If we could take a trip back, there’s one place we’d rush to - that magical moment when we had our very first taste of SKI’s light, refreshing lemon-orange flavor. You’re probably remembering your first taste too. So, since you’re on board for this retro adventure, let’s get this time-travel party started!

SKI made its debut in 1956, but for this blog, we’re not going all the way back to the beginning.. Nah, we’re focusing on the groovy 1970s, the rad 1980s, and the fly 1990s.

Picture this: It’s a 70’s Saturday night in the Midwest. You’re lounging on the couch grooving to “Dancing Queen” on your brand-new cassette player. You hold in your hand an ice-cold bottle of SKI. If the '70s aren’t in your memory bank, no worries! For you 80s babies, we’re rewinding to those times when you were sipping SKI, munching on popcorn, and watching Michael J. Fox steal the screen in “Back to the Future” or “Family Ties.” Oh yeah, those were the days. In the 90s, you were probably enjoying a SKI alongside a slaw burger and a side of fries. You already know we’re referring to “Dumas Walker” by The Kentucky Headhunters.

At Double Cola, we know everyone has their own SKI story. That’s why we asked you to share it with us on social media earlier this year. Your responses were exactly what we were looking for. Here are some of our favorite SKI experiences that you shared!

“Smooth, refreshing, and perfectly sweetened, were the first few words that popped into my head after my first sip of SKI. I could not get enough of it. With only the last few drops left, all I could think about is how in the world have I never tasted this nectar before…” - Tim Jurayev

“I tried SKI for the first time in Evansville, IN in 1983 when my “West Side” friend, Katrina, introduced me to it. We were at her house having lunch. I was 20 years old then. I’ve been drinking it ever since on a daily basis. I am not a coffee drinker, so SKI is my caffeine boost 2-3 times daily and also the BEST.SODA.EVER.!!!!”- Rebecca Heard Robinson

“We were visiting friends in central Kentucky during the late 80’s. They said, "Try one of these” and I’ve been a fan ever since.” - Bruce Hunt

“On the Gwinn Island boat dock 1973” - Scott May

“Chief Logan Scout Reservation July of 1992, and I still make the trek to Southern Ohio 3 to 4 times a year for my SKI Citrus Soda now I buy it in the little town of Wellston, Ohio - Mike Thornton

“St. Benedict’s little league post-game. Everyone got SKI Citrus Soda and a hot dog after the game.” - Jameson Bennett

“My first SKI was sometime in the 70's at Lewis Grocery in Summersville, KY, in Green Co. I had a SKI, and my grandpa had a Double Cola. Loved them then and love them now.” - Jeff Money

“Holidays during the 1970s at my grandmother’s house in St. Rose, Illinois. She always had the Excel wooden crate full of SKI bottles.” - Mike Kuiper

To celebrate SKI’s retro days, keep your eyes peeled for special edition SKI cans in stores near you! Trust us, every sip will take you on a trip down memory lane. Don’t forget to share your SKI adventures with us on social media @SKICitrusSoda - we can’t wait to see where your SKI journey takes you!



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