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How Does Packaging Affect the Taste of a Soda?

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

The science behind the taste of drinking soda out of glass vs. plastic vs. can vs. fountain.

Is the formula ever different? Never. No matter which packaging you choose, SKI Citrus Soda is always the same. It’s the same recipe, with the same ingredients and the same manufacturing process no matter where you purchase it.

But why does my SKI sometimes taste different? According to food chemists, although the formula remains the same, the plastic, aluminum, or glass packaging can impact the flavor as the liquid reacts with the makeup & materials of the packaging.

Glass Bottles - Drinking out of glass is one of the best ways to get the purest SKI Citrus flavor, as it is for most soda companies. Our SKI in glass bottles are made up of 100% pure cane sugar, which is why having SKI from glass might have a slightly different taste to it.

Plastic Bottles - Plastic bottles have a twist cap, making it convenient and resealable. Naturally, the top allows a small amount of carbon dioxide, or “fizz”, to escape slowly. The wide opening gives your nose better exposure to the flavors of the SKI, which affects your taste experience.

Aluminum Cans - When drinking from aluminum cans, you might detect a slightly different taste as your lips touch the metals of the can. The aluminum coating helps keep your SKI colder, for longer – giving you a refreshing taste in every sip!

From the Fountain - Getting soda on fountain means you are getting a fresh mix of syrup and carbonation. As you fill up your drink, the syrup mixes with the clear soda water right in the machine. The balance between the soda’s syrup and carbonation may vary depending on where you’re getting your SKI, altering the difference between bubbly and sweet.

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Unknown member
May 17, 2022

Personally, I prefer Ski from a fountain. But living in Indianapolis, that is nowhere to be found. So I have to stock up on Ski in cans when visiting relatives in southern Illinois, which, unfortunately, I think affects the taste of Ski.


Unknown member
Feb 11, 2022

I drink ski from a can often but lately I have had to pour several of them out because of the bad taste. Kind of like they were flat but still had the carbonation.

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