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CityScope's Annual Business Issue 2021

Peak inside this year’s CityScope Annual Business Issue and you might just catch a glimpse of the “Power Couples” section of the magazine. Turn to page 49 and you will see The Double Cola Company’s very own power couple made up of Alnoor and Gina Dhanani. Alnoor leads our company as president and CEO while Gina serves as COO and CMO. This dynamic duo has been working together since 2004, growing our company every year since then.

Despite the stresses of running a business, Gina says that “working together has brought us closer”. She describes Alnoor as her “confidant, mentor, cheerleader, and friend”. Alnoor adds that separating personal and professional time, “like many things in life, is always a balancing act”. Since they run different aspects of the business, they don’t see each other much in the work day but Alnoor mentions that a perk is being able to “take quick walks around downtown and bounce ideas or thoughts off each other”. Pick up the CityScope Annual Business Issue today to read more about this power couple at the forefront of The Double Cola Company. We are very thankful to have them in charge!


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