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SKI Citrus Soda Christmas Punch

This sweet, citrusy, and simply delicious punch recipe will be any SKI fan's new go-to holiday drink! Read below for our easy step by step guide. We're sure this SKI punch will be a staple at all your holiday gatherings!

You will need:

1 2-liters of SKI Citrus Soda

5 cups of cranberry juice

2 cups of pineapple juice


1 12-oz. bag of fresh cranberries

2 fresh limes


This recipe will serve about 10 people.

We recommend using a punch bowl and ladle or drink dispenser to keep SKI Christmas punch cold and fresh in!


  1. Combine all liquids into a large punch bowl or drink dispenser.

  2. Add ice as needed.

  3. Top punch or individual cups with fresh cranberries and lime slices.

Wanting an adult version to spice things up? Try adding your choice of vodka or rum to taste!


With all the time you'll have leftover from whipping up this delicious concoction in just a few minutes, be sure to snap a few pictures and tag us on social media at @SKICitrusSoda to share with the SKI community!

Happy Holidays and Cheers! From The Double Cola Company.

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