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SKI Thanksgiving Turkey

We already know that SKI will make an appearance at many Thanksgiving tables as THE

drink of choice, but what about a SKI turkey? Spice up your normal holiday dinner by including the world’s best citrus soda to create the perfect caramelized turkey.

So simple, yet so good. The night before cooking your turkey, mix equal parts SKI Citrus Soda with water. For every liter of this mixture, add about ¼ cup of kosher salt. Let your turkey sit in the brine for at least 10 hours overnight in the refrigerator.

Before cooking your turkey, use butter and seasonings of choice! Place in the oven at 350 degrees. Your SKI turkey is fully cooked once it reaches 165 degrees. Let your turkey sit for 15 minutes before serving. Top with gravy, grab yourself a cold SKI, and you’re ready to enjoy!

Indulge your sweet tooth after Thanksgiving dinner with our SKI Apple Dumplings: SKI Citrus Soda Apple Dumplings Recipe (


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