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Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Our home office here in Chattanooga, Tn has a tradition of recognizing co-workers with 'mad props' for helping each other out, crushing it on a particular project, or going above and beyond. In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, we decided to have a special version of 'mad props' through a few thoughtful memories, compliments, and overall praises about our fellow co-workers. After all, who wouldn't want to hear all the great things about themselves?!

Enjoy an inside look of our day to day in the DCC office below, and don't forget to learn more about each of our team members HERE.


"Jamie is a one man magic show- I don't know how she does it, but she juggles so many projects seamlessly, always with a smile on her face! (Unless someones tries to come in the office without a mask on.)"

"Jamie is the go-to for any and all questions and is always willing to help a coworker out!"

"Your stellar performance is certainly noted and appreciated. You personify the adage: why wait till tomorrow if it can be done today! Keep it up!"

"Gina is an extraordinary leader: her ability to quickly grasp different issues and come up with solutions is simply inspirational. I appreciate how she leads the whole team. Her passion is infectious!"

"The time she and I tried to use the shaker in the lab. We didn’t do it right, and sprayed DOUBLE-COLA all over the ceiling. It’s still there actually."

"Brianna is clearly talented, very creative, and always has a positive attitude. Her smile always brightens up a marketing meeting. She also has great taste in podcasts..."

"Brianna's talent is so awesome to witness and be around. She has made me want to get better at graphic design."

"Brianna has super-genes. Like, serious super-genes. She looks so much younger than she is! And, that lady has skill! Her designs (and work ethic) are amazing!"

"There are two things I know for sure about Alnoor: 1. He loves hot sauce on just about everything, and 2. His favorite thing to do is to call me and say “Jamie, the mail is in”. I’ve heard that phrase more than anything else in all my years with DCC."

"Alnoor is the life of the party! He always has the most interesting stories to tell, but beware: he's also a jokester. Sometimes it's hard to know when he's "pulling your leg". It's always fun to see peoples' reactions."

"Lydia is a great digital team leader whose positive spirit is great to be around, I'm so lucky to have a desk right beside hers!"

"Lydia has the best style of all of us. She always looks fashionable and she is always in a good mood! I don’t know how she does it. It’s great to work with such positive people! I wish I could be more like that!"

"I genuinely fear that Ryan will shave his beard off one day and I won’t know who he is, and in turn, I won’t let him in the office."

"Ryan is such a go-getter. It's always nice to get a phone call from him and learn about all the exciting things he is doing for the company!"

"If you don't follow us on Twitter yet, you're missing out... Alainah gifts us with hilarious daily gems! If only everyone could see what daily life in the office with her is like."

"Mike is top notch for responding to anyone that needs him. No matter if it’s a problem, question or anything else, he always responds and always does his best to help."

"We will never have a lack of ideas thanks to Emily's inventiveness. She always comes to meetings prepared with a plethora of great ideas!"

"Emily's dedication to her job is very inspiring, she is always going above and beyond in all her tasks!"

"Chad laughs a lot. It’s refreshing. Chad also likes beer. I’m afraid I may have to hide all the BREWSKI from him."

"I am excited about all of us benefiting from your vast experience in our industry and I am looking forward to your leadership."


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